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Experience the captivating tale of ‘Umapathi’ where Anurag takes center stage as the protagonist, entangled in a mesmerizing romance with Avika Gor. Directed by Satya Dwarampudi and brought to life by K Koteswara Rao’s Krishi Creations, this film ensures an exhilarating cinematic journey! The pre-release buzz is real, with teasers, sneak peeks, melodious tunes, and intriguing glimpses, setting the stage for a must-watch experience. Recently, the team unveiled the official trailer, heightening the excitement for this much-anticipated flick.

Movie Overview

Release Date29 December 2023
Star CastAnuragh Konidena, Avika Gor, Auto Ram Prasad, Posani Krishna Murali, Shivan narayana Naripeddi, Bellamkonda Praveen, Bhadram, Jaya vani, Tulasi Shiva mani
DirectorSatya Dwarapudi
MusicShakthi kanth Karthick
ProducerKonidena Koteswara rao
EditorGoutham Raju
CinematographerNN Raghavendra
Production CompanyKrishi Creations

Umapathi Movie Storylines

Embark on a visual journey through the enchanting landscapes of rural India with ‘Umapathi,’ as it artfully captures the essence of life within a picturesque backdrop. Delving into the diverse perspectives and beliefs of townpeople, the film, narrated with surprising mischief by Anurag, weaves a tale around rising tensions between neighboring villages.

The eagerly awaited cinematic release is set for December 29, promising audiences an intriguing exploration of how external conflicts and village dynamics shape a central love story. Will love prevail against the odds? That’s the question lingering in the minds of anticipating viewers.


In the spotlight of the ‘Umapathi’ trailer is its authentic and raw feel, captivating visuals, and a genuine cinematic experience. Renowned music director Shakti Kant Karthik, known for his work in ‘Fidaa,’ lends his musical brilliance, while cinematography by Raghavendra promises a visually captivating spectacle.

Noteworthy lyricists, including Academy Award-winning Chandra Bose, Murthy Deva Gupta, and Bhaskara Bhatla, contribute to the emotional depth of the narrative. Their artistry adds another layer to the captivating story of ‘Umapathi,’ promising an immersive and resonant cinematic experience.


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