Sundaram Master

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“Baruvu thagginchu” (reduce your weight), advises an elderly man to Sundaram (played by Harsha Chemudu) as he steps into the secluded village of Miriyalametta, untouched by outsiders for nearly 90 years. The choice of Harsha as Sundaram master is perfectly fitting for director Kalyan Krishna’s indie-style Telugu film, “Sundaram Master,” backed by actor Ravi Teja. In typical narratives, actors like Harsha often face body shaming without sensitivity or political correctness. However, this film ingeniously flips the script on physical attributes, addressing weight and skin color in a heartwarming, fable-like story.

While not every aspect of “Sundaram Master” may hit the sweet spot, some moments require patient viewing. Yet, as the narrative unfolds, the director skillfully weaves together different threads, culminating in a beautiful conclusion. The film encourages us to reflect on our lives, leaving us with a smile and a newfound sense of introspection.

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